9 08, 2011

Starting Your More Natural Lifestyle! Part II

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Step Two: Toss Those Stinky Toxic Cleaners!! Okay people, hopefully by now on day 2 of our lesson plan, you’re ready to roll into the second step of ‘Starting Your More Natural Lifestyle!' Today, we’re going to discuss getting rid of those commercially-toxic cleaners that not only accumulate (and take-up valuable space under so many [...]

8 08, 2011

Starting Your More Natural Lifestyle! Part I

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Step One: Personal Hygiene and Beauty Choices Transitioning your lifestyle into an organic, all-natural one can seem like a daunting transformation to take on.  However, with the organic industry growing some twenty-five times over since the 1990’s, applying all-natural/organic principles to your daily choices doesn’t have to be as challenging as you may think. With [...]

1 08, 2011

You Gotta ‘Know-a’ the Jojoba! Top 3 Reasons To Use Skin Care Products Containing Jojoba Oil’

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If there's one oil that I swear by, it's jojoba.  Not only has it been tried and tested for thousands of years by Native Americans in the treatment of burns, sores and general superficial irritations; but in more contemporary times it has emerged as a popular cosmetic and skin care ingredient because of its unbelievable [...]

19 07, 2011

How Green Is Your Knowledge?

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With the natural marketplace gaining popularity among mainstream consumers, it has no doubt opened itself up to a more "trend-ster" following.  Certainly, everyone has become more conscious of the terms, "organic" and "all-natural" but how many people truly understand the "all-natural" lifestyle?  Really, this blog post wants to help you find out if YOU are [...]

1 06, 2011

PHOENIX Magazine Review

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G.B. Proudfoot’s popular lip balms have been featured in the June 2011 issue of Phoenix Magazine.   The magazine’s ‘lifestyle and shopping’ article titled, “10 Beach Bag Must Haves” selected our lip balms as one of the top items to toss in your waterside bag as summer gets underway.  For further details, pick up the June [...]

1 04, 2011

Using Natural Soaps as Shampoos

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“Do you make a natural shampoo?” This seems to be one of the inquiries that we’re getting a lot these days and the answer isn’t always an easy one. Of course you can use our natural soap as a gentle and cleansing shampoo (our 2 year old loves it!) but the fact that it doesn’t [...]

21 02, 2011

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize…the Natural Way!

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Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the 3 essential steps to healthy skin care.  Here, we’ve broken down 3 super easy recipes for the skin that take care of these steps the simple and natural way. Step 1: CLEANSE Tomato & Almond Cleanser This terrific recipe allows oily skin to be cleansed and renewed while getting [...]

17 02, 2011

Gee that smells good!

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I hate to toot our own horn but  one of the main benefits you’ll find from our products is the fact that we never use synthetic fragrances and our products still smell pretty darn awesome. Early on we decided to always use the more expensive essential oils, both for their great natural fragrances but also [...]

4 02, 2011

We’ve Already Planned Your Valentine’s Day Evening For You!

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We at G.B. Proudfoot’s believe that ‘Valentine’s Day’ can be so much more than the obvious commercialized choices of a dozen roses or some heart-shaped box of chocolates. In fact, with so much of the country suffering at hands of terrible winter storms, why not transition this famous sweethearts’ day into a day of quality [...]

31 01, 2011

Beauty CAN Beat Out Winter Temperatures!

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With so many of you still battling out the winter temperatures and storms, we thought it necessary to share some of the best skin softening and healing recipes that will help tired and dry winter skin feel soft and rejuvenated once again. BABY SOFT ELBOWS & KNEES Who doesn’t suffer from dry elbows and kneecaps [...]