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Family Made, 100% Natural, Bath, Body and Hair Care Products.

Handcrafted in the USA. Our natural soaps and body care products are just right for families looking for a more organic and natural lifestyle. We keep it simple by offering our naturally uncomplicated, proprietary formulations without synthetic colors, fragrances or preservatives, always guaranteed safe and toxin free for you and your family. All of G.B.’s products are free of petroleum bases, parabens, sulfates, and other nasties you probably don’t want to pronounce. We use only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, many of which are grown and harvested locally here in Arizona. Why? Well, we’re as tired as you are of reading overwhelming product labels that hide some pretty deceptive synthetic ingredients in some so called, “natural” products. As you’ll find out, more is definitely not always better. Its our mission to offer a healthy and safe alternative to mass marketed, chemical based body and hair care products. We’re sure you’ll enjoy all our hard work!

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“You weren’t kidding when you said this balm [cinnamon & mint] has a little kick! Spicy warm and minty cool at the same time; it’s fun to give kisses again. My lips and my husband thank you! xoxoxoxo”
Sofris Y.
I give myself my own at-home pedicures and always start each one by soaking my tired feet in a warm tub of water with a splash of the Rosemary Mint Soap. My feet feel soooo good during and even better after. They’re nice and clean and left with just the right tingle! Best of all this soap doesn’t dry, I think it actually moisturizes because my feet stay soft for days. My toes thank you!
These are AMAZING! The lip balm stays on your lips for quite some time after applying and makes your lips smooth and soft. I love everything about the Cinnamon & Mint lip balm especially the tingly feeling. Its perfection in the lip balm world. Well Done!
I love this soap so much I Am currently rationing it until I can get some more. I’m not much of a “body products” guy, but the first time I washed my face with this stuff I couldn’t believe how good it felt. It was invigorating, it kind of woke me up and my skin felt great… clean but not dry or crackly. Very nice.
Chris A.
“An exceptional natural deodorant that has withstood the searing humidity of a Florida summer. As an endocrine system cancer survivor I have been through many natural deodorants . . . . most which caused a rash or did not stop the underarm stink. Lime & Clove is my choice and indispensable for me.”
I love the way your styling wax works. The hold is all day. The feel is light, not heavy and a little goes a long way. Most of I really like the way it smells.
Cory B.
Greetings from a new fan in Arkansas! The Lip Balm is terrific. I really like everything about it, perfect texture, very light fragrance (Cinnamon & Mint). Soothing and stays on well. I will proudly spread the word of your products.
You guys are geniuses. This product is AMAZING. I just threw out my toxic,disgusting commercial deodorants, which I would only use in an emergency situation. I can’t stop sniffing myself. I feel like a new person and I have recovered the self-esteem I lost when I developed hideous B.O. several years ago – probably due to all the prescription meds I have taken and due also to the as-yet undiagnosed medical conditions I had. Thank you SO SO much for this wonderful product. You really need to go national with this stuff. It’s the only natural stuff out there that works! I’ve tried them all. Really. I swear.
I used your soap after my wife complained about how my hands smelled after a weekend of salmon fishing. Well no more complaining (thanks!)and it now has its own place in our shower. To say it’s invigorating is an understatement…that mint has a funny way of waking you right up J. I’m buying more to keep on the boat because it actually lathers in salt water. Can you make one that will attract fish?
The hair Styling Wax, what can I say? Friends actually ask me why my hair smells so good? I don’t know what that says about me, but I like the product!
I’m a licensed aesthetician, working in a naturopathic physicians office. I really care about what I put on my skin for a huge variety of reasons. I also suffer with eczema due to a yeast/fungal imbalance in my gut. When my eczema flairs, I always search for safe, quality topical treatments to heal the broken skin and calm the itching while I work internally to fix the root cause. Let me tell you that I have tried everything from steroid creams (ugh) to other ‘natural’ treatments. In talking with a friend of mine, she whipped out this jar of Super Salve and gave it to me. I started using it on a Friday and by Tuesday, I realized the redness, scaly broken skin, and itch were 80% better. I can’t express how grateful I am to have found such a fantastic product. I can’t wait to try more!!