Hello and Welcome!

We’re a big family who wanted to start a different kind of company. Several years ago we started to pay a lot more attention to the personal care products we were using and the possible effects that they could have on our children.  The more we learned about these brand name products, the more we realized how much we had neglected to pay attention to the synthetic ingredients that they contained and the ill effects those ingredients had on our family’s health.  When it finally became too much of a chore to research the laundry list of ingredients on these products, we decided to go back to basics and figure out a better way.

Recalling the natural homemade soaps, salves and tinctures Grandpa “G.B.” made in our youth we knew there could and should be better, healthier, and more natural alternatives out there. Contrary to what million dollar ad campaigns tell you, you can make effective, quality products without synthetic and unhealthy ingredients. And the bonus, these products can make you look and feel better than the synthetic alternatives.

Well, combine G.B.’s tried and true old fashioned formulations with some of the best ingredients on the planet, throw in some good science and a lot of hard work and here we are. From our family to yours, G.B. Proudfoot’s Natural Body Care!

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about us and we really hope that you enjoy our products.  Try them out with your family and rest assured that we’ve put our very best into every batch.

~ The Proudfoots