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Would you like to have G.B. Proudfoot’s in your store? Gee, we’re honored! For the scoop on reselling G.B. Proudfoot’s products, please contact us via phone at 1.877.414.3189 or by email at [email protected]. We’ll gladly fill you in on our great line of products and happily walk you through the process of how you may go about reselling G.B. Proudfoot’s in your store.

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100% Natural

We promise uncompromising quality with the finest ingredients. Each of our ingredients have been specially selected for their amazing natural benefits.

Gentle On Skin

You won’t find petroleum based fillers, parabens, color enhancers or any other synthetic preservatives that can irritate sensitive skin.

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Consisting only of natural ingredients, our products do not contain anything toxic to the body. Just nature’s best, brought together.

This product is AMAZING!  I just threw out my toxic, disgusting commercial deodorants and feel like a new person with For Pits Sake!


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Sold by the case only.
Comes in a case of 32 sticks for $144.