Our promise. Uncompromising quality with the finest ingredients.

We didn’t reinvent the wheel; we just took some of nature’s best and brought it together. Each of our ingredients has been specially selected for their amazing natural benefits and use as safe ingredients in topical body treatments hundreds of years old.

We’ve taken no shortcuts when choosing and sourcing the ingredients for our natural formulas. Many of the body care products supposedly made better through chemistry are actually created to artificially mimic the properties that known natural ingredients already have. Because these synthetic compounds can be produced at far less cost you’ll usually find them on the label of most mass marketed body care products. Well, rest assured we only use the real deal around here. You won’t find any petroleum based fillers, parabens or other synthetic preservatives, color enhancers, or artificial fragrances in any of our products. We use certified organic ingredients whenever possible and try to source them as locally as possible to support our local economy and to avoid unnecessary shipping waste.

You’ll find all our product ingredients listed below along with the properties that make them the amazing ingredients that they are.

Essential Oils Information

While we have chosen our essential oils for their use as natural and safe ingredients, those who are pregnant can have certain sensitivities and should consult with their doctor before using any products that may contain them. If you are prone to sensitive skin, please do a small skin patch test before use of the products that contain them.


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