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What’s on Your Body?

If you are anything like us you’ve started paying attention to the produce, meats, and products that you’re feeding your families. “Certified organic”, “grass fed”, “free range”, “hormone free”; these are all terms, seals and certifications that I keep an eagle eye out for when I do my grocery shopping. I think it is absolutely [...]

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G.B. Productfoots hosts Healthy House Call

The G.B. Proudfoot’s team were featured guests on the popular ‘Healthy House Call Radio Show’ on KFNX 1100 AM. It was a great general discussion about organic living and how the products that we put on our bodies are just as important as those that we put in our bodies. Tune in again on December [...]

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G.B. Proudfoot’s on a store shelve near you!

With increasing local demand and some mild grumbling about shipping costs for in-town delivery we have decided to release our products to some local retailers! For those of you in the Phoenix Metro area, no more UPS shipping fees, you can head on down to Healthy Habit Health Foods on 7th st. & Bethany Home [...]

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Where on the West Coast is G.B. Proudfoot?

Well, maybe not the most original contest name but lots of fun nonetheless! It’s super easy, look at the posted photos on our Facebook page and the first one to identify the point of interest and State where the photos were taken is a big winner.  Check our Facebook page over the next week for [...]

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Proudfoot’s know feet!

He might not seem like your average pedicure person, but even G.B. Proudfoot likes to keep his feet feeling revived, fresh and moisturized!  His secret?  Well, as usual, he keeps it pretty simple.  He fills up a large bowl with tolerably hot water, mixes in some of our Old Fashioned Rosemary Mint Liquid Soap, rolls [...]

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“Did somebody post something about me on Tooter?” ~ G.B.

If G.B. had been part of the Twitter revolution he probably would have said something like “Tweeting is for Twits!” or “Did somebody post something about me on Tooter?”. Long story short, we now have a Twitter page! http://twitter.com/GBProudfoots Does anyone know what we do with it Does anybody follow Twitter feeds? We want to [...]

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Gosh we love you guys!

Amazing that after almost three weeks we finally have time to post to our blog…mind you it is 11 pm as I type this but we do finally have time Anyway we can’t complain too much because we’ve been real busy making more of G.B.’s good stuff! It seems like every time I turn around [...]

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What’s so great about calendula?

Calendula Officianalis (aka Pot Marigold) is one of those flowers that could quite easily be overlooked were it not for its reputation as a real skin superstar. This unassuming flower won’t win any beauty contests and its fragrance is average to say the least, but what it lacks in sensory appeal it makes up for [...]

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The Good Stuff

The good stuff. What is it? Where can you find it? We’re firm believers that you won’t find it coming out of a chemist’s lab. In fact, if you want to find the good stuff, you just have to look to the past. Once upon a time, our body care products couldn’t be anything but [...]

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First and foremost we would like the opportunity to welcome you to our site. Putting it together has been a long time in the making and we really can’t express how happy we are to have it up and running. When we were planning our site we thought it would be a great idea to [...]

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