We usually don’t like to do posts on our products but since the response to our new 100% natural deodorants has been so overwhelming we thought we’d share some of the feedback with you. Don’t get us wrong, we knew they were good but we didn’t realize how many of you were as frustrated with the available choice of natural deodorants as we were. Here’s part of an email that we received shortly after we launched our natural lime & clove deodorant and vanilla orange deodorants at the farmer’s markets.

“You guys are geniuses. These deodorants are AMAZING. I just threw out my toxic,disgusting commercial deodorants, which I would only use in an emergency situation. I can’t stop sniffing myself. I feel like a new person and I have recovered the self-esteem I lost when I developed hideous B.O. several years ago – probably due to all the prescription meds I have taken and due also to the as-yet undiagnosed medical conditions I had. Thank you SO SO much for this wonderful product. You really need to go national with this stuff. It’s the only natural stuff out there that works! I’ve tried them all. Really. I swear.” – Syd

Similar feedback has been pouring in via phone, email and at the markets. We had a lovely woman visiting from Canada who bought all the deodorants we had on hand the other day because we are unable to ship to Canada and she wanted to stock up. Crazy right? Well maybe not. Our natural deodorants will not disappoint. They go on a little heavier than most sticks  but you use a 1/4 of what you would normally use and it lasts twice as long. Lately, I find that I’m only applying it once every two days. Bad for business? Maybe. Good for armpits? Definitely!

G.B. Proudfoot’s Natural Deodorants are guaranteed free of any and all toxic ingredients. We don’t use aluminum, propylene glycol or any other of the nasty ingredients you’ll find in other sticks. Take a peak at our 100% natural ingredients and we know you’ll be pleasantly surprised (especially when you find out how well they work).

You’ll have to pardon our enthusiasm but we put a lot of hard work into these and we’re darn proud of the results. The fact that customers are coming back to pick them up for their friends and family speaks volumes (deodorant isn’t usually a gift of choice 😉 ) so we figure you must really be keen on them!

Please call or email if you have any questions on our new natural deodorants and feel free to share your feedback via phone or email.  Thank you all for your great support we look forward to being your new choice in natural underarm odor protection 🙂