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Calendula (Calendula Officinalis, a.k.a. “Pot Marigold”) is one of the holistic community’s most highly revered natural medicines for treating areas of inflammation.  In addition to being anti-inflammatory, the herb is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.  In essence, calendula is a terrific, natural anti-septic that has been widely used in treating acne and lessening the appearance of existing acne scars. Available in creams, sprays and salves, a calendula-based product is acceptable to apply to the face (and other acne prone areas of the body like the back, shoulders, and chest) in order to heal existing breakouts while preventing future ones as well.  What’s more, is that not only does calendula have the ability to wipe-out bacteria that is often caught inside our skin pores; but additionally, it has also been known to aid in skin cell regeneration which is key to easing the appearance of existing acne scars and ultimately to sustaining a youthful appearance.

So, now that I’ve let you in on mother nature’s best kept secret (calendula) it’s time to get rid of those chemically-derived acne options.  Such chemically-laced products contain ingredients that will disturb the body’s natural functioning while they basically burn away the skin.  To get right down to it, chemically-manufactured options can: affect hormone functioning, dry your face, cause peeling, irritation, and give you an added sensitivity to the elements.  Worst of all, you need to consider that all of those chemicals are in fact penetrating the skin and ultimately travelling into your bloodstream.  Not good.  An all-natural calendula-based skin product will heal your acne organically.  And not only will it heal your acne, but you’ll also be achieving such results without having to worry about what harmful agents are entering your bloodstream.

So, now where can you find the best calendula-based skin care product?  One of my favorites on the market today, is a salve produced by a company out of Scottsdale, Arizona called, G.B. Proudfoot’s Natural Body Care.  I’ve praised these guys before for some of their other products, but I can’t stress enough, how amazing their salve is.  The salve ‘Original Calendula Super Salve’ contains a high concentration of calendula (not all products containing calendula utilize this potent concentration which is why I so strongly recommend the G.B. Proudfoot’s product). Be advised that other products containing calendula may scrimp on the quality of the herb by simply using oils that are infused with calendula; but frankly, you won’t achieve the same high level of results without a potent concentration of natural calendula.  G.B. Proudfoot’s Original Calendula Super Salve also contains excellent oils (extra virgin and jojoba) that will soften skin while the calendula does it work reducing breakouts and inflammation.

So whether you’re a teen struggling with acne for the first time or you’re in your forties still suffering from the occasional breakout, get out there and check out a natural calendula alternative, you’ll be impressed with the beautiful results that you can achieve through a natural ingredient.